Choose the right level of on-hand technical support

When it comes to support, one size does not fit all. For The Record Support Contracts provide three levels of support to fit your specific application, needs, and budget.

From prioritized contact channels to preventative maintenance checks, additional support offers peace of mind with access to For The Record’s experienced technicians—all specialists in courtroom infrastructure and recording software.

Three tiers provide flexible levels of support and safeguards

Level 1: Software Support

With direct contact to For The Record’s Help Desk, combined with 24/7 access to FAQs and a knowledge base of useful tips and answers, Software Support provides clients with around-the-clock support.

  • Experienced technicians are on hand each weekday for priority email support and online, remote desktop and telephone help
  • In-line updates of software are included
  • Hardware-related issues are supported

Level 2: Premium Technical Monitoring

For The Record Technical Monitoring builds on the Software Support contract, adding technical monitoring to help keep courtroom audio systems running smoothly.

With two contract offerings—standard and premium—this level of support can ensure court administrators and IT teams are confident that each courtroom is functioning as expected and required.

The standard contract offering includes the support features of Software Support, plus:  

  • Daily automated sound checks and reports 
  • Web Portal Access (dashboard) for real-time data
  • Email notifications for outages or technical issues
  • 7-day historical data view to see court recording trends

The premium contract offering includes all support features of Software Support, the inclusions from the standard contract offering, and advanced features including:

  • Premium real-time monitoring of recording equipment by the For The Record team
  • Automated sound checks and analysis at the start and finish of each day 
  • Instant identification and notification of any technical issues
  • 120-day historical data view to see court recording trends

Level 3: Field Support

For The Record Field Support is the maximum level of support, providing complete peace of mind for court staff. The package combines Software Support—which includes the help desk and knowledge portal—with FTR Premium Technical Monitoring for ongoing technical monitoring, plus:

  • Field support services and onsite repairs implemented by technicians who specialize in courtroom infrastructure 
  • Regular maintenance checks of hardware 
  • Contracts may include optional preventative maintenance checks of hardware